Our Attendant care services includes hand-on assistance specific to the functional needs of a consumer with a physical disability and includes assistance with activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living. Attendant care is a living at home waiver program and services includes assistance with:

  1. Bathing and personal hygiene routines,
  2. Toileting, including bladder and bowel requirements, bed pan routines, incontinence care, and movement to and from the bathroom,
  3. Mobility, including transferring from a bed, chair, or other structure and moving about indoors or outdoors,
  4. Moving, turning, and positioning the body while in bed or in a wheelchair,
  5. Eating, nutritional planning, and preparing meals including prescribed special diets,
  6. Dressing and changing clothes,
  7. Medications or other remedies that are ordinarily self-administered, when ordered for the consumer by a physician
  8. Instrumental activities of daily living which includes:
    • Preparing a light meal,
    • Perfoming light chores,
    • Shopping for groceries,
    • Traveling beyong a walking distance,
    • Reading of specific items, and