Our companion care service consists of non-medical care, supervision, and socialization activities provided on a one-on-one basis to an adult or children. All that is needed sometimes is a care and company. In most situations, having another individual in the house with your loved ones gives you the added assurance you need in case of an emergency. All of our companions are experienced, trained, CPR and First Aid certified. Services Offered includes:
1. Companionship and safety supervision; includes accompanying consumer on walks, accompany to restaurants, stand-by bathing assistance,
2. Conversation- cognitive stimulation, includes playing games or cards, read aloud from books/periodicals, help with hobbies/crafts with the consumer,
3. Medication reminders,
4. Meal preparation, includes planning of meals, monitoring diet, and serving meals to consumer,
5. Shopping and errands; includes picking up meals, pick up/drop off dry cleaning, and bringing in mail,
6. Light housekeeping; includes making of bed, mopping and sweeping, dusting, vacuuming floors, washing and arranging dishes, laundry and linens changes, kitchen and bathroom cleanups, garbage disposal.
7. Assist with grooming & dressing.