Our Respite care services will provide short-term supportive care to an individual when the primary caregiver is unavailable due to a planned temporary absence, unexpected illness, emergencies or need some rest and relief. Abraham Healthcare can provide capable caregivers that can assist for as little as a few hours to long weeks of vacation. At Abraham Healthcare Services, respite care are:
1. Provided to consumers who are, due to physical or cognitive impairments, are unable to care for themselves;
2. Furnished on a short-term basis because of the absence or need for relief of a family member or individual normally providing the the care;
3. Provide a period of rest and renewal for the family member or other caregiver;
4. Provided at planned intervals, in a time of crisis, as needed;
5. Provided in the consumer’s home or place of residence, or an assisted living facility.
Services offered includes:
1. Supervising a cognitively impaired consumer to asssure their health and safety; and
2. Assisting a functionally impaired consumer to perform activities of the daily living.